Frequently Asked Questions

What are your conditions ?

All orders are subject to factory acceptance

What are your sales terms ?

1% 10 days, net 30 days to favorably rated accounts. A 50% deposit will be required from all other accounts with an initial order. Late charges will be assessed at 1 1/2% per month.

Do you have a minimum order amount ?

No less than two shades or multiples of two, unless indicated otherwise by the number in parentheses (and its multiples) on the left side of the price list. Shades no falling within multiples will have an additional $3.00 per shade.

Why type of shipping do you use ?

Unless specific routing instructions are given, all shipments will be FOB factory and will be shipped by the most direct and fastest carrier. (We also pass on to our customers any freight discounts from our carriers)

What is your return policy ?

No merchandise will be returned without written notice from the factory. No deductions from the invoice may be made without written factory authorization.

How long does an order take to deliver ?

Normal deliveries are within 2-4 weeks upon receipt of order

Are there any packing charges ?

There will be a $3.00 charge per carton

What about freight claims ?

We do not guarantee UPS. All freight claims must be placed with the carrier when goods are delivered